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DestrucTech, the world's largest arms manufacturer, has for years sought to create the perfect weapon. One that can think and act on it's own. After years of trials and setbacks they have finally succeeded in creating the ultimate killing machine. They created you.

However, you realize that any company that would create a sentient weapon is obviously evil, and begin your escape from their factory.


To reach the battery at the end of the level.


Arrow keys / WASD = Shoot

Space / r / x = Reload


Game / Art = Soda51

Music = RoccoW


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Good choice of music. The sound effects for the enemies are way too loud, though.

I like the idea of the game, but I think the reloading isn't necessary. It's a challenge enough for players to navigate the level with a control scheme that they may not necessarily be used to in platformers, ie. pressing the key you want to go in actually sends you in the other direction. Combining this with the need to constantly reload and the controls, not to mention the sounds, become overkill.

Personally I think the challenges are good, but the reload is not useful. Especially since you can reload an unlimited number of times anyway.