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While the premise of the game is ambitious, many errors, bugs, and an overall lack of polish mar what could have been a pretty competent game. The graphics are all over the place, with almost nothing fitting in the world that's created. There isn't a skybox within in the game, and the cube that the player resides in is actually just enlarged apartment wall textures. These very odd solutions to the pretty mundane problem are concerning to say the least. The sound design of the game is very grating to the ears. After having jumped down to where the zombies actually spawn, the original soundtrack continues to play underneath the new, more action packed track. Having two different songs play over another simply hurts to listen to; add in the very frequent zombie noises, as well as weapon sounds and you're left with a jumbled mess of sounds, none of which compliment one another. The gameplay is stilted and buggy from the get go. There are texture problems all throughout the game (the knife especially) and the majority of zombies appear to be stuck in the floor and can't move/attack. It was always a roll of the dice whether or not any particular zombie would be able to chase and subsequently attack the player. Overall, the game fails to maintain even a moderate level of playability, and needs many more revisions to get to a playable state. In saying that, creating a game is something that takes time and dedication, and I look forward to seeing what you produce in the future.



Help_Zombies.7z 392 MB


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